Caribbean Street Art Festival at Vieques Island, PR

Street Art - Misha
четверг, Ноябрь 2, 2017 - пятница, Ноябрь 10, 2017


Festival of Artists, organized on the Vieques Island by the famous New York artist Misha Tyutyunik.


Posada de Artistas 2017 is the first rendition of a small mural/street art festival
comprised of ten-fifteen artists from all over the world.  The journey begins in
Vieques, Puerto Rico at the Adventure Inn, where artists will cover all interior
and exterior walls of the Inn with murals (impressions and reflections of this
magical island), in exchange for room and board. The festival will spill out into the
streets, with artists painting local restaurants and public walls as they absorb the
culture of the community.  Artists will also be engaging local youth, as well as any
willing participants, with master classes and community painting days. 
Our mission is to learn the culture and customs of the island and translate that
into murals that pay homage to the history, environment, and aesthetic of the
local communities.  These murals will not only beautify the walls of Vieques, but
also act as guides to learning and teaching, as well as tools for social change. 
Through the platform of public art, we aim to immerse ourselves in the culture
and contribute to local expression, vision and voice. 
Artists will arrive on Thursday, November 2 nd , and the festival will run through
November 10 th.

Here is a list of invited artists-participants of the Festival (after each name there is information about where they come from and where they now live and work):

Misha Tyutyunik - Ukraine, New York
Luciano Fontanez - Puerto Rico, New York
Chris Soria - New York
Mason Sills - Massachusetts
Facte - Mexico
Marthalicia - New York
Erika Hagan - California
Joshua Williams - New Jersey
Kiik Create -Puerto Rico
Ivan Orama - Long Island, Puerto Rico
Cern - New York
Rodolpho Baeza - Mexico
Ruben Carrasco - Montreal, Mexico
Esteban DeValle - Chicago

We would like to make this event one more serious cultural line in the modern history and life of our beloved Vieques.
Please help us with organization of its events in schools, in the fortress and in the cities of the island.

For more infirmation email to:
Svetlana Sokolova
American Association for Russian Culture and Education
President AARCO

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