Конкурс «Русская принцесса цветения сакуры 2012»

Январь 6, 2012 - 12:01


В этот знаменательный год — год празднования 200-летия русской крепости Форт-Росс в Калифорнии (200 лет истории отношений между Россией и США) и 100-летия передачи саженцев вишни сакуры Вашингтону в знак дружбы между Японией и США 

 кандидаткa от России,
которая с 7 по 14 апреля 2012 года  будет представлять посольство России в престижной благотворительной недельной программе «Принцесса цветения вишни сакуры» на National Cherry Blossom Festival в Вашингтоне.
Для справки: Каждый штат, территория США и ряд иностранных посольств в США выдвигают своих молодых, социально активных и талантливых представительниц. С 1948 года в ней приняло участие более трех тысяч девушек, включая дочерей президентов, конгрессменов, сенаторов, министров, дипломатов и других высокопоставленных лиц.
В 2010-11 годах две наши представительницы Кристина Бордюгова и Елизавета Агладзе достойно представили Россию на фестивале, зарекомендовав себя с самой лучшей стороны.
Подробнее об их участии в программе принцесс 2010 года:
2011 года:
Присылайте нам, пожалуйста, до 31 января 2012 года информацию о потенциальных кандидатках (требования устроителей фестиваля указаны ниже)
Светлана Соколова, председатель
президент Американской ассоциации русского языка, культуры и образования AARCE
sokolova433@gmail.com, cell: (240) 372-3343 www.aarce.org
Людмила Кларк, координатор
dludmila@mail.ru, cell: (202) 379-6327
Требования к кандидатке 2012 года, которые выдвигают устроители фестиваля:
International Cherry Blossom Princess Qualifications
To qualify as an NCSS International Cherry Blossom Princess, all candidates must meet the following minimum qualifications in order to be accepted to represent their Country in the 2012 Cherry Blossom Festival.
Purpose: An opportunity for Embassies to participate in an event where their candidate (Princess) representative can exchange and share their culture with young women from the United States.
Residence: The Princess or parent should be born in the country represented. This is important so that the Princess will have first-hand knowledge about their country.
Age: The Princess is between 20 years of age, but no older than 25 years old, the closing day of the NCSS festival activities of the 2012 National Cherry Blossom Festival®.
Education: The Princess must speak English. Communication is extremely important. Preferable to have honors and awards; Community, Social & Civic Activities/Organizations; interesting hobbies, sports, interests, special talents
Marital: The Princess must be single, never have been married, no children.
Dress: International Princesses are encouraged to wear their native costumes at the Parade and State Society receptions, if they so desire.
Wardrobe: Basic garments needed are:
•One WHITE, formal, floor length ball gown (not skin tight) and long WHITE gloves for the Grand Ball/Banquet
•One dressy skirted suit or comparable dress for the Congressional Reception and Japan Ambassador Reception. No cocktail dresses or dresses with plunging necklines will be allowed.
•A good selection of interview type skirted suits, dresses, and one pantsuit (matching top and pants) for daytime wear throughout the week. A list of appropriate attire for the week will be listed on the Schedule of Events well in advance.
•Comfortable shoes that are coordinated with your dress/suit. We suggest these be flats or 1-2” heels. NO SANDALS, FLIP FLOPS, THONG OR MULE STYLES SHOES.
•One all-season coat, preferably with a liner, due to the unpredictability of Washington weather.
Bright, colorful clothing is highly recommended. Outfits that are totally black, brown or dark gray are not acceptable at any time during the week. This dress code will be enforced for all U.S. and International princesses, and you will be required to change immediately if inappropriate clothing is worn.
Princesses may NOT wear crowns or tiaras (except when provided by NCSS). Jeans, stretch pants, tight shorts, boots, high split skirts, or mini skirts will not be allowed during scheduled Festival events and activities. Princesses may not wear heavy make-up or nail polish in colors such as black, blue, and other dark colors.
We recommend you bring an extra suitcase due to the number of gifts you receive. Each Princess herself is responsible for bringing 60 gifts in order to receive 60 gifts from others participants.
Availability: The Princess must attend all scheduled NCSS Festival events and may be asked to participate in related events during the Festival period. The program provides college-aged, professional women the chance to meet and interface with role models, gain an increased understanding of government and industry, as well as, be exposed to a broader international environment. In addition to the educational and professional development aspects, the program includes evening receptions with individual states, the Japan Ambassador and other Ambassadors, a Princess Tea, the Lantern Lighting Ceremony, a Princess Luncheon, a Congressional Reception, and the Official Cherry Blossom Grand Ball/Sushi Reception.
Emergency: Each Princess must provide NCSS with the name and phone number of a responsible adult in the Washington, DC, area who can be reached in case of an emergency, in addition to filling out the required Emergency Care Information Form.
General: The Princess should possess poise, intelligence, maturity, have a good personality and character, and enjoy good physical, mental and emotional stability in order to withstand the rigorous schedule of Festival activities. No visible tattoos or body piercing – for clarification contact the Princess Chair.
The International Princess may be invited to participate in State Society receptions. Their participation is encouraged, as this is a wonderful way to interact with the US Princesses and State Society members.
Attendance: Each Princess must be in Washington, DC, by Saturday, April 7, 2012, to attend Princess Orientation at 9:00am and the Princess Tea at 3:00pm at the headquarters hotel, Renaissance Washington, DC Hotel,  999 9th Street, NW, Washington, DC. Additional events that weekend are the traditional Lantern Lighting Ceremony and the Opening Reception. You will receive a full and detailed Schedule of Events and the required dress for each event prior to the Festival. You should plan to be available for Festival activities until 3:00 pm on Saturday, April 14, 2012. It is important that all Princesses be available and on time for all official functions.
Transportation: Princesses will be transported to all events by bus, which will leave from the headquarters hotel each morning, move the Princesses between Festival events during the day, and returning them to the hotel each evening. It is imperative that each Princess use the bus, even if they are not staying at the headquarters hotel, to avoid traffic problems.
The completed Princess application MUST include the following documents (forms itself we will provide after potential candidate will be chosen:
1. Statement of Interest by Princess – signed by the Princess and the Embassy Representative (Form A).
2. $500.00 Princess Program Fee
3. Each participant is responsible for an appropriate indigenous gift or memento from their State or Country (60 gifts)
4. Princess Participation Agreement signed by the Princess, Parent or Guardian, and the Embassy Representative (Form B).
5. Legible Copy of Birth Certificate, Drivers License or Passport (to confirm eligibility)Do NOT submit the original of either document – these will not be returned.
6. A color digital photo – must provide a digital head shot color photo, via email, and include in the body of the email name and the country representing. This will be used for the official Festival program and publicity purposes. The photos should be a head and shoulders portrait with just one pose. For consistency, we ask that you wear a black drape and no jewelry other than pearls and conservative earrings. No hats, crowns or tiaras.
7. Cherry Blossom Princess Biographical Information (Form C).
8. Copy-Ready 2012 Cherry Blossom Princess Biography, 100 words or less (emailed)
9. Emergency Care Information signed by the Princess (Form D).
10. Photo Release signed by the Princess and Parent or Guardian (Form E).
11.Escort Form and Additional Princess Information (Form F).
12. United States Cherry Blossom Queen and Runner-Up Selection and Participation Agreement signed by the Princess, Parent or Guardian, and State Society President (Form G).
13. Absence Request (signed by the Princess) – only if applicable (Form H).