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Nobel Prize Recipient Charles Hard Towns at the First Seminar of Light. By Greg Solyar


The First Seminar of Light, an event celebrating the 50 th anniversary of the laser, took place at Lenox Laser, a company located among the rolling hills of Glen Arm, Maryland, USA. 95-year old Nobel Prize recipient Charles Hard Towns presided as our main speaker as well as the guest of honor at this event. The beginning of the jubilee seminar was scheduled for October 4 th , so he flew in a day...

Biotech Research and Small Business Development Help Drive Economic Growth in Maryland


Maryland can take great pride in the fact that the biotechnology industry has become one of our state’s premier industries. Today, Maryland ranks 19th in population, but third in the number of biotechnology firms and related biotech employment, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. That gives Maryland an enormous advantage. The economy of the 21st Century will be driven by advances in the...